AMD FirePro S9100 Server Graphics Card

  • 28nm GCN Architecture
  • 2560 Stream Processors
  • 4.22 TFLOPS Single Precision Processing
  • Half-Rate Double Precision Processing
  • ECC Memory
  • Passive Heatsink Cooling

$1,400.00 $1,999.00

Featuring 2560 stream processors, 12GB of GDDR5 VRAM and 4.22 TFLOPS peak single-precision processing power, the AMD FirePro S9100 Server Graphics Card can accelerate workflows that involve intensive parallel processing. Projects that can take advantage of the parallel processing include computational fluid dynamics and structural mechanics, numeral analytics, and molecular dynamics. This card uses a passive heatsink for silent and reliable cooling and requires a minimum of 15 CFM of airflow in order to keep a stable operating temperature.

28nm GCN (Graphic Core Next) Architecture

The 28nm GCN Architecture with more efficient process technology puts more transistors in less space, enabling an increase in processing power and graphics performance.

Half Rate Double Precision

AMD FirePro server GPUs offer 1/2 double-precision performance allowing them to complete compute-intensive tasks faster than non-optimized cards.

AMD STREAM Technology

Powers the ecosystem that enables AMD FirePro S-series server cards to be used for compute-intensive workflows leveraging the massively parallel processing power of AMD GPUs, and accelerate many applications beyond just graphics.


This state of the art power management technology provides direct control over GPU power usage. Applications enjoy performance with dynamic clock optimization, while minimizing workstation energy usage.

Error Correcting Code (ECC) Memory

ECC memory maintains a memory system effectively free from single-bit errors: the data read from each word is always the same as the data that had been written to it, even if a single bit actually stored, or more in some cases, has been flipped to the wrong state.

Passive Cooling

Cooled solely by internal server airflow, FirePro GPUs using this approach can effectively reduce complexity and maximize reliability for organizations requiring server-based visual computing.
Stream Processors 2560
Floating Point Performance Single Precision Performance: 4.22 TFLOPS
Double Precision Performance: 2.11 TFLOPS
Interface PCI Express 3.0 x16
Supported APIs OpenGL: 4.4
OpenCL: 2
DirectX: 12
Memory Configuration 12 GB
Memory Interface GDDR5
Memory Interface Width 512-Bit
Memory Bandwidth 320 GB/s
Power Requirements
Max Power Consumption 225 W
PCI Power Connectors 1 x 8-Pin
Recommended System Power Requirement 750 W
Height 4.4″ / 11.00 cm
Length 10.00″ / 25.00 cm
Width Dual-Slot
Cooler Type Passive Heatsink

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