Anthem MRX 1120 Multi Channel Receiver

For a high-end multi-channel A/V receiver with audio innovations and full support of 4K and HDR video, the MRX 1120 11.2 receiver is guaranteed to out-perform your expectations. The MRX 1120 will fit seamlessly in with your HD TV or Blu-ray system to bring you premium stereo or surround sound.

$2,900.00 $3,499.00

Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM)
Anthem’s technology monitors current, voltage, and even the temperature to ensure the best possible audio reproduction.

Anthem Room Correction (ARC)
Anthem’s ARC technology will auto adjust the audio reproduction of the connected speakers to the room’s characteristics. This will provide a more realistic and natural sound when battling the everyday reflective surfaces in the room. After the software measures the response of each individual speaker relative to the listening space, it will then adjust the response, correct phase effect, and enforce room gain. When needed, ARC sets the high pass filters on each individual speaker to ensure deep tight bass. This is a user friendly set up process. You will need Window 7 or later and the latest ARC software.

Anthem Logic
This audio technology is designed to enhance 2 channel stereo. You have the option of Cinema mode or Music mode. Anthem Logic Cinema enhances the 2 channel movies to make them more home theater like.

Dolby Atmos
Atmos is the latest audio technology that does not rely on channels. The sounds are put in a three dimensional space. It allows the sounds to move around you from all directions. Atmos is designed to add overhead dimension as it adds an audio atmosphere directly above your seating area. The MRX 1120 supports several Dolby Atmos speaker systems.

5.1.2- This is a traditional 5.1 speaker configuration with one pair of Dolby Atmos enabled speakers often in ceilings or upward firing speakers.
5.1.4- This is a traditional 5.1 speaker configuration with two pairs of Dolby Atmos enabled speakers.
7.1.2- This is a traditional 7.1 speaker configuration with one pair of Dolby Atmos enabled speakers.
7.1.4- This is a traditional 7.1 speaker configuration with two pairs of Dolby Atmos enabled speakers.

As of January 5, 2017, a software update DTS:X is available on the MRX 720 and the 1120 receiver. This enables you to experience a life-like immersive audio experience. DTS Neural:X is now available via a software update. This takes all content to another level to provide an immersive experience by incorporating DTS:X.

Dolby Volume
Dolby Volume technology automatically adjusts volume levels on content that tends to change drastically. Dolby volume adjusts the level and the frequency response. This allow the volume to stay consistent when the content is at lower volume level, or much higher than average volume levels, for a more comfortable listening session. With EQ Adjustments, you have control over the bass and treble on the unit via the menu settings.

The Anthem MRX 1120 offers an ethernet connection for a wired connection or can be connected to your wireless home network.

DTS Play-Fi
This combines DTS audio and WiFi(up to 100′ range from a wireless router) to wirelessly stream lossless audio up to 16bit/48kHz. The DTS Play-Fi App needs to be downloaded onto your mobile device. This will provide access to your music files( Apple iTunes or Google Play), Online Internet Radio and DLNA. Play-Fi is compatible with TIDAL, Pandora, Spotify, Sirius XM, Amazon Music, and many others. The 1120 can play WAV, FLAC, AAC and MP3s up to 24bit stored on your personal computer.

The Anthem offers 8 HDMI 2.0 inputs and 2 outs. HDCP 2.2 is supported by all HDMI ports. The ports are HDR (high dynamic range) ready, 4K pass-through, supports HDR 10, (4:4:4 color subsampling) and Wide Color Gamut (BT.2020).

ARC (Auto Return Channel)
This allows you to have one connection to the TV from the soundbar via an HDMI cable. That same cable can then send audio from the TV back down through the soundbar, eliminating the need for multiple cables.

Speaker Terminals
The speaker terminals can accept up to 10 gauge speaker wire and can accept as low as 6 ohm speakers.

Pre Outs
The Anthem 1120 has 11.2 channel pre outs, which allows you to collect external amplifiers. The dual subwoofer outs are discrete. It also offers a zone 2 pre out, which allows you to connect an external amp to power another pair of speaker in a different room.

Analog Audio
The Anthem 1120 offers 5 analog stereo inputs. It also has an analog stereo line in output. This version has a fixed output level and can be used with a headphone amp that offers volume control.

Digital Audio
The Anthem 1120 offers 1 optical output and 2 coaxial digital inputs. The optical out provides passthrough of the optical or digital inputs. These support 5.1 channel 24 bit/96kHz audio along with Dolby Digital and DTS.

Headphone Input
The Anthem 1120 offers a 1/4″ headphone jack. The receiver allows you to mute the speaker outputs and pre outs when headphones are connected if desired.

FM Tuner
The Anthem has a built in FM tuner with the capability to store 30 FM stations.

Stand By Passthrough
The Anthem can be put in standby mode, which allows the HDMI source to pass through to the TV. The input can also be changed using the remote when the receiver is off and in standby mode.

The Anthem MRX 1120 is a multi room receiver because it can play the same or different audio in up to two rooms. It provides speaker levels and line level outs. Compatible inputs for zone 2 are analog input sources, the FM tuner, optical and coaxial inputs, and DTS Play-Fi. The volume can be controlled from the receiver itself or the additional amp.

Party Mode
This allows you to play the same music in zone 1 and zone 2 simultaneously (including HDMI). Once you are in party mode, you are auto switched to stereo mode. The volume levels in zone 2 can be controlled through the remote.

The HDMI outs are parallel, meaning the same audio/video signal is output through both and can be used simultaneously.

DTS Play-Fi
You can connect multiple Play Fi products for a multi room music system.

Receiver Control
The Anthem MRX 1120 comes with a backlit remote that offers complete control for the entire system. You also can download the Anthem AV remote app for control from your smartphone. The Anthem has to be connected to the same network as the phone. An ethernet connection on the back of the receiver must be connected.

MPN 1414000033
UPC 809918001785
Weight 32.00 lbs
Number of Channels 11
Power Per Channel 140 Watts (Channels 1-5, Two Driven into 8 Ohms); 60 Watts (Remaining Channels, Two Driven into 8 Ohms)
Stereo RMS Power 140 Watts
THD Stereo 1%
Signal To Noise Ratio 110 dB
Frequency Response 10Hz – 31kHz (+0, -0.25 dB)
Impedance 6-8 ohms
Total Audio Inputs 5 Analog Audio (RCA)
Total Video Inputs HDMI: 7 (Rear), 1 (Front)
Optical Digital Input 3
Coaxial Digital Inputs 2
Coaxial Digital Outputs 1
Power Supply AC 120V, 60 Hz
Features Apple Airplay 2, Bluetooth Enabled, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Music Streaming, Phono Input, Room EQ, Voice Control
Product Manual Download
Color Options Black
Warranty 3 Years

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