DJI Matrice 210 V2 Enterprise Combo

  • customizable remote-controlled flying quadcopter for commercial use
  • includes Cendence S flight controller and 7.85-inch CrystalSky high brightness monitor
  • additional included accessories: dual TB55 batteries with charging hub, external GPS kit, and carrying case
  • AES-256 encryption keeps your data transmission secure

$8,700.00 $10,999.00

This customizable drone is all business

The rugged and adaptable Matrice 210 is a superstar player for commercial enterprise projects. Its tough, lightweight chassis is rated IP43, meaning its inner workings are protected from objects over 1mm in diameter and direct sprays of water.

This drone has a dual payload capacity of 5.07 lbs., and assembles easily so you can get to work quickly. The Matrice 210 Combo comes with two TB55 batteries, for up to 38 minutes of flight time.

Ultra-precise and super-safe navigation

Built-in safety measures make it easy to keep people and property safe while you fly. There’s a dedicated FPV (first person view) camera that lets the pilot see where he’s going, no matter where the payload camera is pointed. Top and bottom anti-collision beacons offer high visibility in low light, bad weather, or both.

FlightAutonomy uses information from front vision sensors, downward vision and ultrasonic sensors, and an upper infrared sensor to avoid in-flight obstacles. DJI AirSense automatically provides drone pilots with real-time information about nearby manned aircraft.

Intelligent flight modes

Intelligent flight modes give you autopiloting options, so you can focus on what your camera is seeing.

Activetrack keeps a moving subject perfectly framed so you don’t lose track of them — incredibly useful for search and rescue or wildlife tracking jobs.

Point of interest mode makes your drone orbit a stationary object — like a communications tower or wind turbine — so you can conduct a thorough visual inspection.

Included accessories

The drone comes with the professional-grade Cendence S controller, and a large, bright CrystalSky high brightness monitor. You’ll also find two rechargeable flight batteries and a charging hub. You want more? There’s also an external GPS kit, a carrying case, and a 16GB memory card.

Adaptable payload configurations

The Matrice 210 is versatile, with multiple payload configurations:

  • The single downward gimbal mode is the classic underslung mount for your camera
  • Single upward gimbal mode lets you move the camera to the top of the drone, which is ideal for visual inspection of vertical structures
  • Use a dual downward gimbal setup when you need two cameras to get the job done

Gimbal mounts for each configuration are included. Compatible cameras include the Zenmuse XT, Zenmuse Z30, Zenmuse X4S, and Zenmuse X5S.

Expand and customize

Enterprising drone operators are finding new uses for unmanned aerial vehicles all the time. The Matrice 210 is customizable, so you can develop features you need. The onboard SDK (software development kit) lets you integrate an onboard computer to analyze flight data, or connect to third party sensors. Mobile SDK lets you develop personalized mobile apps that make flight planning and on-site data collection work for your specific needs.

DJI Matrice 210 V2 Quadcopter:
  • uses GLONASS and GPS as a dual-positioning system to get higher precision and quicker satellite acquisition
  • light, durable magnesium/aluminum airframe with carbon fiber arms
  • max. speed of 58 miles per hour
  • built-in 2-axis FPV camera for pilot’s FPV view and obstacle sensing
  • maximum payload: 5.07 lbs.
    • customizable payload configurations for single or dual cameras
    • single upward, single downward, and dual downward gimbal mounts included
    • compatible cameras: Zenmuse XT, Zenmuse Z30, Zenmuse X4S, and Zenmuse X5S
  • up to 38 minutes of flight time with dual TB55 batteries
  • FlightAutonomy obstacle avoidance sensors help you navigate safely
  • highly visible top and bottom anti-collision beacons
    • all lights can be turned off in discreet mode
  • DJI AirSense enhances safety by automatically providing real-time location information about nearby aircraft
  • Activetrack mode automatically keeps a moving subject perfectly framed
  • Point of Interest mode causes the ‘copter to orbit a stationary object
  • 64GB memory card included
  • 34-15/16″W x 14-15/16″H x 34-15/16″D
  • weight: 8.37 lbs.
Cendence S Flight Controller:
  • fully integrated monitor mounting bracket lets you connect the included CrystalSky monitor
  • SDI and HDMI ports support high-resolution video transmission
  • maximum transmission range: 10.2 miles
  • powered by built-in rechargeable battery
  • 5-1/2″W x 6″H x 2″D
  • weight: 4.56 lbs.
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
Maximum Takeoff Weight 13.54 lb / 6.14 kg
Payload Capacity 2.71 lb / 1.23 kg
Maximum Horizontal Speed 50.3 mph / 81 km/h (S-Mode/A-Mode)
38 mph / 61.2 km/h (P-Mode)
Maximum Ascent Speed 16.4 ft/s / 5 m/s
Maximum Descent Speed 9.8 ft/s / 3 m/s
Maximum Wind Resistance 39.4 ft/s / 12 m/s
Flight Ceiling 9842′ / 3000 m
Maximum Flight Time 33 Minutes
Hovering Accuracy ±0.33′ / 0.10 m Vertical with Vision Positioning
±0.33′ / 0.10 m Horizontal with Vision Positioning
Maximum Angular Velocity 300°/s (Pitch)
120°/s (Yaw)
Flight Control System
3D Object Detection
Required Object Reflectivity >10%
Vision System
Vision System Downward, Forward
Velocity Range 32.8 ft/s / 10 m/s at 6.56′ / 2 m
Maximum Altitude 33′ / 10 m
Obstacle Sensory Range 2.3 to 98.4′ / 0.7 to 30.0 m
Forward Field of View 60° (Horizontal)
54° (Vertical)
Operating Environment Surface with Clear Patterns at >15 lux
Remote Controller / Transmitter
Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz (2.400 – 2.483)
5.8 GHz (5.725 – 5.850)
Maximum Operating Distance 4.97 Miles / 8 km
Transmitter Power 26 dBm (2.4 G)
26 dBm (5.8 G)
Output Power 13 W
USB Output Power Android: 5.2 VDC, 1 A
Operating Temperature -4 to 122°F / -20 to 50°C
Flight Battery
Model TB55
Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion Polymer (LiPo)
Capacity 7660 mAh / 174.6 Wh
Battery Configuration 6 S / 22.8 V
Maximum Charging Power 180 W
Operating Temperature -4 to 122°F / -20 to 50°C
Charging Temperature 41 to 104°F / 5 to 40°C
Weight 1.95 lb / 885 g
Model IN2C180
Output Voltage 26.1 V
Power Rating 180 W
Number of Rotors 4
Operating Temperature -4 to 122°F / -20 to 50°C
Diagonal Size 2.1′ / 643 mm
Overall Dimensions 2.4 x 0.8 x 0.9′ / 722.0 x 242.0 x 282.0 mm (Folded)
2.9 x 1.4 x 2.9′ / 883.0 x 427.0 x 886.0 mm (Unfolded)
Weight 10.82 lb / 4.91 kg (Including Battery)
Packaging Info
Package Weight 33 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 36 x 18.5 x 15″

DJI D-RTK 2 GNSS Mobile Station For Matrice Drones Specs

GNSS Simultaneously receive

GPS: L1 C/A, L2, L5
Beidou: B1, B2, B3

Positioning Accuracy Single Point

Horizontal: 4.9′ / 1.5 m (RMS)
Vertical: 9.8′ / 3.0 m (RMS)


Horizontal: 0.4″ / 1 cm+ 1 ppm (RMS)
Vertical: 0.8″ / 2 cm+ 1 ppm (RMS)
1 ppm: For every 0.62 mi / 1 km increase in distance, the accuracy will be 0.04″ / 1 mm less. For example, the horizontal accuracy is 0.43″ / 1.1 cm when the receiving end is 0.62 mi / 1 km away from the base station.

Positioning Update Rate: 1 Hz, 2 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz, and 20 Hz
Cold Start < 45 seconds
Hot Start < 10 seconds
Differential Data Format: RTCM 2.x/3.x
Data Link Protocol OcuSync, Wi-Fi, LAN, and 4G
Operating Frequencies 2.4 GHz: 2.400 to 2.483 GHz (China, United States, Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea)
5.8 GHz: 5.725 to 5.850 GHz (China, United States, Australia)
EIRP OcuSync

2.4 GHz SRRC (Mainland China) / CE (Europe) / MIC (Japan) / KCC (Korea): < 20 dBm
2.4 GHz FCC (United States, Australia) / NCC (Taiwan, China): < 26 dBm 5.8 GHz FCC (United States, Australia) / SRRC (Mainland China) / NCC (Taiwan, China): < 26 dBm


2.4 GHz SRRC (Mainland China) / CE (Europe) / MIC (Japan) / KCC (Korea): < 20 dBm
2.4 GHz FCC (United States, Australia) / NCC (Taiwan, China): < 22 dBm
5.8 GHz FCC (United States, Australia) / SRRC (Mainland China) / NCC (Taiwan, China): < 22 dBm

Communication Distance OcuSync: 1.2 mi / 2 km (unobstructed and free of interference when the distance from the D-RTK 2 antenna to the ground is 5.9′ / 1.8 m, when the difference in height between the remote controller and D-RTK 2 is < 6.6′ / 2 m, and when the remote controller is 3.9′ / 1.2 m from ground level)
Memory Capacity 16 GB
Electrical Characteristics
Power Consumption 12 W
Power Supply 16.5 to 58.8 VDC
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery Capacity 4920 mAh
Battery Energy 37.3 Wh
Run Time WB37 Battery: > 2 hours
MG-12000P Battery: > 50 hours
Operating Temperature 32 to 113°F / 0 to 45°C
Dimensions D-RTK 2 Body with Extension Rod: 2.7 x 6.6 x 67.2″ / 6.8 x 16.8 x 170.8 cm
IP Rating IP67
Packaging Info
Package Weight 11.45 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 55 x 9 x 7.5″

DJI TB55 Intelligent Flight Battery For Matrice 200 Series V2 Specs

Battery Capacity 7660 mAh
Battery Type 6S Lithium-Ion Polymer (LiPo)
Voltage 22.8 V
Watt Hours 174.6 Wh
Charging Power Output 180 W
Operating Temperature -4 to 122°F / -20 to 50°C
Charging Temperature 41 to 104°F / 5 to 40°C
Weight 31.2 oz / 885.0 g
Packaging Info
Package Weight 2.21 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 6.9 x 5 x 2.8″

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