Studio Electronics Midimini V30 Analog Monophonic Semi-Modular Synthesizer

4U rack-mountable monophonic synth with extended sonic options and semi-modular patchability along with three dedicated wide-range audio oscillators with independently selectable waveform, register, and fine tuning

$2,299.00 $2,999.00

With the Studio Electronics Midimini V30 Analog Synthesizer SE have updated their take on the classic Minimoog-inspired rack-mount synth by adding new analog synthesis options and expanded MIDI capabilitity.

The Midimini also features an extensive host of brand-new hardware features, extensive software sweetening, and modular connections open the window even wider to an already stunning analog view.


  • Through-hole build on every single PC board
  • Classic 4-pole, 24 db/oct Lowpass Ladder, with voltage-controlled Cutoff
  • 14 3.5mm (Eurorack) Outs-to-Outs compatible Patch Points, including CV & Gate
  • New fancy COLOR vibe: ENV1>OSC2, OSC3>OSC2, Boomstar Hardware Ring Mod & Noise
  • Oscillator 2 Sync: Modulate (sweep) both OSC1 and OSC2 via ENV1>OSC2
  • Amp Drive: Boomstar Modular AMP saturation and overdrive, imported into V30 world
  • Output Feedback loop and gain control—interacts expressively with Amp Drive
  • MIDI-syncable, AFM-capable, multi-waveform LFO, routable to VCO and VCF
  • LFO Out patch point with level control, for deep modulation or oscillation creation
  • LFO Gate: LFO pulse of VCF/VCA from the SE-02
  • OSC 1 Triangle Wave to amplifier, for high Resonance/low frequency compensation
  • Envelope 2 Master Mode: ENV2 (VCA) assumes control of Filter (VCF) Envelope
  • Independent Release control of Filter and Amplifier
  • Flexible Linear and Exponential Glide
  • Front Panel-mounted External Audio input with level control
  • Handy Boomstar Drone feature for eternal sustain and easy tuning
  • Low/Last/High Note Priority, ENV1 invert, VCF/VCA dynamics & VCF (ENV1) Multi-trigger
  • Boomstar MIDI Learn feature for MIDI, Aftertouch, and Modwheel
Condition New
Chassis 19-inch Rack-mount

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